• Foldover Bag
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Foldover Bag


This pouch is great for makeup, palettes and brushes. You can also use it to carry toiletries or as a wash bag when travelling. Simply pack all your undergarments/delicates inside and throw them back in once they’ve been worn. Toss everything into the wash (including the pouch) when you get back home to do laundry!

It's the perfect pouch for someone who's always on the go and wants to keep everything they need in one spot. Moms also love the pouch for dividing their large diaper bags or to use as a small, on-the go diaper bag when running errands.

All bags come lined with a water resistant lining.

10” tall x 7" wide (with a 3" gusset at the bottom)

 Machine washable. Recommend flipping bag inside out, spraying stains with a spot treatment and washing in cold water.