• Meet the Maker: Lisa K Simmons

    Meet the woman behind The Modern Scrunchie (aka my absolute favourite hair accessory of all time), Lisa K Simmons. Lisa is a mom of one little cutie (pictured below), nurse by trade and creator at heart. What started off for Lisa as a collection of gemstone jewelry and crystals has evolved into ... View Post
  • The Transformation.

    When I decided that I was going to set up an online store rather than open a physical brick + mortar location, I knew I needed an office or studio or some kind of space where I could work productively and build my brand.  So, with a little inspiration from Instagram and a lot of paint, I managed ... View Post
  • Plans Change.

    That's right, friends! Plans change. Things don't always work out the way you'd hoped or thought they would, but that is okay. Completely and totally okay. I've learned that by trusting the process, and accepting + embracing change, everything always works out how and when it is supposed to. Two ... View Post